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Our pioneering technologies typically utilize the power of fine particles that provide numerous fortune casino bonus codesbenefits to enable the development of solid, liquid and other oral dosage forms of medicines. Technologies we have pioneered to date include LipisolTM, maxsolTM, eXsolTM, LiquiXR®, RaftWorksTM and other proprietary approaches.

Image of oral suspension


Image of chewable tablet

Chewable tablets

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Film strips

Image of Orally disintegrating tablets

Orally disintegrating tablets

Our LiquiXR® platform has powered the development of more than a dozen medicines and programs, including Tris Pharma’s own branded portfolio of ADHD therapies and numerous, successful global development partnerships. It is built using fine particles that are complexed, uncoated and/or coated fortune casinowith polymer films of varying thickness and delivers the medication to meet the development objectives.

Interested in learning more about what our LiquiXR® technology can do for your drug candidates?

LiquiXR® enables Tris and its partners to create high-quality, patient-friendly solutions that are optimized to deliver maximum therapeutic benefit:

  • LiquiXR® transforms immediate-release medicines into medicines with extended-release profiles and once-daily dosing.
  • Medications utilizing the LiquiXR® technology can be delivered in suspension, chewable tablet, film fortune casino loginstrip and orally disintegrating tablet dosage forms, making a difference for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills.

The potential applications for LiquiXR® technology are significant given its unique features, including a differentiated extended-release profile, improved palatability, flexible dosing, convenience and ability to deliver multiple therapies in a single, combined medicine.

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Tris Pharma has active, successful licensing partnerships with U.S. and ex-U.S. companies that utilize its technologies, and the company is seeking fortune casino loginadditional licensing partnerships in a wide variety of clinical applications.

LiquiXR® technology has fueled the development of multiple first-in-category therapies.